Social Recruitment Solutions

Buy a job package and our experts will create a highly targeted job ad and promote it across multiple social media channels.

This will increase job visibility, promote your brand, get higher-quality candidates, reduce the cost per hire, open the door to engagement and shorten the hiring time. 

Attract active and passive job seekers to apply for your vacancy.

Increase your brand awareness.

Target candidates that are not actively looking for work and may not be present on LinkedIn.

This is a very cost-effective recruitment strategy that could reduce the cost per hire by 70% or more*.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed

What We Offer

Other Services

Permanent Recruitment

Save time and money with bespoke cost effective recruitment solutions that deliver results.

Social Recruitment

Create a highly targeted social media recruitment campaign based on your ideal candidate profile and skills.

Temporary Recruitment

Peak period? Need an emergency replacement for a sick employee? A one-off project?

Rent HR

Rent HR means that you are billed an hourly rate,instead of a flat fee based on the candidate annual salary.

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