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DECLARATION: I confirm that the information provided on this form and within my CV is both truthful and accurate. I have omitted no facts that could affect my future work. I understand that any engagement entered into is subject to documentary evidence of either my National Insurance Number or my right to work in the UK, verification of any professional qualifications, and, in the case of temporary assignments, subject to satisfactory references.
I will inform Davcris Ltd of any subsequent criminal convictions which may arise whilst I am registered for permanent or temporary work. I understand any details from police checks that I have provided can be forwarded to a potential employer.
I understand and accept that any fines incurred whilst under assignment will be deducted from future payments and that any damages incurred whilst on assignment may be deducted from future payments to a maximum of £500. By submitting this form you authorize Davcris Ltd to perform online checks in accordance with UK laws and regulations.

Right to represent consent form

I hereby authorize Davcris Ltd to begin to take steps, commencing today, to attempt to assign me to work for one or another of its clients. This by no means constitutes an employee/employer relationship. I understand that this Agreement provides no guarantee that Davcris Ltd will be successful in its attempts to assign me to work and that this agreement, therefore, does not guarantee me future work assignments with any clients of Davcris Ltd. I consent to the collection of my Personal Information*, as requested by  Davcris Ltd and I understand that this information will be used strictly for the purpose of assisting me in finding a suitable employment opportunity. I consent to the disclosure of such Personal Information: to PDavcris Ltd clients when, in Davcris Ltd exclusive discretion, the client may provide me with a suitable employment opportunity; and to the extent necessary, to Davcris Ltd representatives (including, but not limited to, affiliates, partners and contractors) who assist Davcris Ltd in providing full staffing services. I further consent to the retention of my Personal Information by Davcris Ltd as long as I am utilizing Davcris Ltd's placement services. In the event that I wish to withdraw my consent to the use, disclosure, and retention of my Personal Information, I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Davcris Ltd in writing, at which time I will be informed by Davcris Ltd if and/or how such withdrawal may affect the services being provided to me. By submitting this form I fully understand the above consent statements.