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Permanent Recruitment

Save time and money with WorkScout 10% flat fee on permanent positions. No fuss,just results,delivered.

Rent HR

Rent HR means that you are billed an hourly rate,instead of a flat fee based on the candidate annual salary.

Temporary Recruitment

Ideal for companies that want to test out roles within the organisation without committing to permanent employment.

Permanent Recruitment

WorkScout offers permanent recruitment services at a flat fee of 10%.

Permanent recruitment solutions to suit all companies that are looking for staff on a permanent basis.  Before engaging any worker to represent our organization, we undertake a vetting process that includes:

  • Interview 

  • Document checking including eligibility to work in the UK

  • Compliance and screening checks

  • Support with arranging interviews

Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment solutions for a variety of sectors, including transport & logistics.

We take care of all the paperwork, payroll, and other activities. For example, we check the candidate’s right to work in the UK, carry out candidate interviews, pay their wages, and much more. It is a very convenient and stress-free service for Human Resources and hiring managers.

Due to the current health pandemic, the demand for hiring temps became increasingly popular caused by a shortage in the labour market. However, the combination of Brexit and the global health pandemic has unavoidable consequences in the labour market.

Rent HR

Rent HR services for national and international companies.

Rent HR is a recruitment service where a company hires us, and they are billed according to the number of hours it takes to find a suitable candidate, instead of being charged a fee based on the candidate’s salary. Rent HR from WorkScout saves you time and money while delivering exceptional candidates and recruitment services at an affordable cost.

Hourly rates may differ according to the recruitment sector.

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