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Contingency Hire & Social Media Recruitment Campaigns

Permanent Recruitment

Save time and money with bespoke cost effective permanent recruitment solutions that deliver results.

Rent HR

Rent HR means that you are billed an hourly rate,instead of a flat fee based on the candidate annual salary.

Social Recruitment

Create a highly targeted social media recruitment campaign based on your ideal candidate profile and skills.

Reach qualified candidates on active and passive channelss

We ensure that your ad is optimally placed in the respective search results. Passive candidates are reached on social media, among other things. Machine learning guarantees more reach with your target group, and the geographical radius in which your ad is played can be limited to a certain location.

Convince candidates faster with optimized job advertisements

After submitting your open positions, we generate mobile-optimized job advertisements in your design. These are structured in terms of content and layout in such a way that they maximize the application rate (conversion optimization). This leads to applications on the first day in 95% of cases.

More qualified applicants through artificial intelligence

A.I algorithm understands and learns which channels generate qualified candidates. In order to use your budget only where it is worthwhile for you, it is redistributed daily to the channels that deliver many qualified applications. To convert undecided candidates, we use retargeting to show them your ad again.

Reach your target group on over 50 channels with performance marketing

Actively searching candidates will see your premium ad on all relevant job exchanges. Candidates who are willing to change are reached on social media. Here we use statistical similarities of previous applicants for similar jobs to precisely identify and address your target group.

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